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Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Thu Feb 5 07:08:29 PST 2009

Thanks Kent,

Off topic rant: My wife was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance 
and Celiac disease (a digestive issue). The leading Celiac 
researcher in Boston stuck a tube down her throat, took a biopsy 
of her stomach lining and proclaimed that she had irritable bowel 
syndrome. He ignored other symptoms and sent us on our way. Jerk.

Yes, mostly the doctors in Boston are fabulous, but this one 
should lose his license. We didn't trust his response and kept 
pushing. If we didn't have friends that got us an appointment with 
the doctor in NYC, we'd still be fumbling around for a diagnosis. 
The head of the Celiac research center at CP in NY was pretty 
surprised at what happened in Boston.

So yes, we'll travel to NY for better care. And the results of the 
visit were positive...no signs of nerve damage due to the Celiac 


On Thu Feb 05 08:37:16 CST 2009, Kent McLean 
<kentmclean at comcast.net> wrote:

> Lee Levitt wrote:
>> Yesterday my wife and I left our house in Boston at 9 am, got 
>> into Manhattan just after noon.
>> We spent the next five hours in a couple of doctors' offices at 
>> Columbia Presbyterian,
> All those nice Boston hospitals and you had to go to NYC?
> I hope everything works out OK for your wife (and you and
> the family).
> As for the Audi, yeah, we knew that, although I wimped out
> and stayed in RI rather than risk my '91 200 Avant in the
> 140 mile commute back to NH. That 59 car pile-up a few weeks
> ago has me thinking twice every time I sit in the car. And
> I'm still waiting on my A4 engine replacement.
> --
> Kent McLean
> '99 A4, V6 Tiptronic
> '91 200 TQA, with mods
> various others no longer with me
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