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Plugs? Topic of great debate as some are firm true believers of
OEM-Spec-Bosch-Only: F5DPOR. I've thrown caution to the wind and NGK
Iridiums in the car and they're working nicely, no sign of loosening or any
running issues. Probably 6K on them?  Gapped to .025. The Bosch I think are
supposed to be 'pre-gapped' but I've always found that to be a spurious
claim if you start measuring them (aka not a tight spec within the same

BTW, another common tip is to drive it as hard as possible immediately prior
- the purpose being to heat the cats up as hot as possible for the test.
Some suggest if you're stuck waiting at the station to keep the car idling
and revving it regularly... that may or may not be feasible or acceptable...


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> Thanks for the suggestions guys on how to correct the car.
> Any suggestions on plugs and the gap for the plugs?

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