[s-cars] anyone remember this S ?

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hmm. I'm not sure I'd write off a head rebuild, but maybe he's smarter than
I am.
swapping a long block in is a heckofalot more work and you still just end up
with a used motor.

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Subject: Re: [s-cars] anyone remember this S ?
> Uhhh... it loses all power in no 3 cyl and the mechanic
> quotes numbers north of the value of the car to A: replace
> with used engine.  B: Rebuild existing engine.  Mechanic says
> it appears to be a valve/seat issue in no. 3, and worries
> that just rebuilding head will shift compression issue to
> rings all around, which at 200k miles is a distinct
> possibility.  The reason it is at mechanics is because normal
> search and replace 1.8t coil maneuver and injector maneuver
> did not result in happily purring i-5.

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