[s-cars] Crushed Car

Calvin Young calvinyoung at cox.net
Thu Feb 5 14:38:42 PST 2009

A mechanic I trust advised against rebuilding for the same reasons;  
problems are transferred to the other "un-rebuilt parts".  Based on  
that advice, I purchased a used engine with satisfactory results.   
The larger question is to know how long these engines are designed to  
last.  The old Audi engines were bullet proof.

How much is the charge for the engine (incl. shipping), the current  
milage, and how much to get it put in?  If all else is right with the  
car, the cost is under $3K, and you can expect an additional 100K  
miles I'd say go for it.  That and a new clutch should give you an  
add'l 5 years or about $1K per year.  Not a bad deal for a really  
great performing auto.

 From the looks of the rear of the car, someone got a really bad  


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