[s-cars] You can't fool me, I'm a moron (aka where's the snubber?)

desmo888 at comcast.net desmo888 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 09:45:37 PST 2009

Um, yeah... So my exhaust is hitting under the car when I put a load on the engine. I had not driven the car before I bought the car and did the t-belt so I thought it was something the PO decided not to tell me. 

Bad exhaust hangers? Bad engine/tranny mounts? Bad snubber mount? Now wait a second, I don't remember /seeing/ a snubber mount when I did the t-belt. doh! 

I don't even remember seeing the post the mount goes on. I know the post well on a 20v NA car but this is my first 20vt tbelt. Is it obvious and I was blind? Or is it a bit more subtle? 

I am going in tonight to put the Apikol snubber on that I had for my B5. Any help/tips would be appreciated. 


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