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 So... I'm a guy who should be considered at least 47 degrees removed from this situation... but nonetheless, I must ask, since I've read the various posts out of curiosity.

Is Bruce Bradigan the man who attended Urq25 last summer and made a tearful appeal to the attendees to mend the fences with ACNA, specifically the large quantity of Colorado attendees and RMC?? And if so, is this how an attempt at doing so was rewarded?

Personally, I'm not a "club" guy for the simple reason that these things often turn out the same way:? Some well intentioned folks come up with a great idea about how to share and enjoy mutual interests.? Then it evolves into someone (or small group) having the "need" to dictate *how* that fun and enjoyment will occur, and ultimately wield some sort of percieved power over the group.? Invariably, money usually gets involved, and the whole things goes sideways.

This evolution ends up making the initial concept (cars) laughable, as it ends up becoming the last thing on people's minds... as the confrontation and struggle for control takes the main stage.? I gotta say that I did see Scott extend at least 6 friendly invitations for Josh to attend the party... and Peter C even offered to pick up the tab.? Nope... those invites were never acknowledged, or any appreciation for such offers shown.

What happened to the passion for cars?? Wasn't the goal to have fun with our toys and enjoy the camaraderie?? Why all this BS?

Then you've got to consider the data points.? It could be argued that this issue could be a private personality conflict between Scott and Josh.? However, having been messing with Audis for about 11 years now, and rubbing elbows with what I consider to be a substantial group of hardcore enthusiasts in the Denver area.... it strikes me as a little more than coincidental that the majority of these guys view the RMC as abysmal... there must be *something* to it.

Finally... having also been personally engaged in some "heated" debates with Scott J over the years (CAR issues), I am also fully aware that every time I see him it involves a warm handshake and a smile... followed by a lot of laughs.? In other words, our debates were viewed by both of us (hopefully) to be both fun and constructive... and in no way distracted our mutual enjoyment of automobiles and camaraderie.

In a nutshell... if those people in positions of leadership (ACNA/RMC) can't put the fun and friendship on the front burner, than perhaps they shouldn't be in those positions at all.



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 Paulie et. al.
Back from a week at Steamboat,? hard program therapy trying to never kick my ice 
habit.? I am also glad to see I can count on my Scar comrades to keep up the 
cover fire in my absence.? A massive effort by my team in Steamboat to keep my 
red-dot on the fun, not DWytes apparent aversion to me having it.? 

Unfortunately too, my back to reality, includes bidding and unexpected farewell 
this weekend to a close uncle who was my mentor in the passion I hold for the 
very machines dancing on Ice.? I know he was smiling that I needed to be 
airlifted from Steamboat to attend the celebration of his life.? As such, I will 
need to issue a promissory note here to the now famous annual qshipq Steamboat 
Event report.

That said, Paulie I appreciate some well worded sniper fire to Doc's attempted 
insurgency.? Kudos my old friend.? To keep you all well entertained, it would 
appear DWyte called for backup, as Audiworld has it's first posts from the new 
ACNA President Bruce Bradigan.? Hail Mary, and god help the man...? For direct 
link to that JNR thread, start with this post....


Without forgetting DWyte's futile attempt to ambush me here, while I was having 
fun in Steamboat....


As DWyte is finding out, I'm all up for banter, games and chess.? And always 
considered the amature attempts to cancel my event to be...? Free advertising.? 
That is, until the moves made by he as representing the Board of Rocky Mountain 
Chapter, decided to rush the front line.? My best hope is that he finds me only 
a well seasoned adversary in the game of internet chess.? 

Again Gents, appreciate the support.? I will post my Event Report on my return 
next week.

Best to all the JNR folks here.


Scott J
ACNA Gruppe-q Steamboat Ice Driving Experience 2009


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Scotty Howitz'd:


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Gents for the lastest on correcting Rocky Mountain ACNA Chapter Board Member 
Josh Wyte's misleading statements below, grab a cup of coffee and go here.




I'm sure Pizzo, Paulie and our usual miscreants on this list will enjoy the 
bantering and? sport of it all....


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