[s-cars] ACNA Gruppe Q Steamboat Ice Driving Experience

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Fri Feb 6 12:07:30 PST 2009

Scotty experienced:

<<<Paulie et. al. Back from a week at Steamboat,? hard program therapy trying to never kick my ice habit.? I am also glad to see I can count on my Scar comrades to keep up the cover fire in my absence.? A massive effort by my team in Steamboat to keep my red-dot on the fun, not DWytes apparent aversion to me having it.? Unfortunately too, my back to reality, includes bidding and unexpected farewell this weekend to a close uncle who was my mentor in the passion I hold for the very machines dancing on Ice.? I know he was smiling that I needed to be airlifted from Steamboat to attend the celebration of his life.? As such, I will need to issue a promissory note here to the now famous annual qshipq Steamboat Event report. That said, Paulie I appreciate some well worded sniper fire to Doc's attempted insurgency.? Kudos my old friend.? To keep you all well entertained, it would appear DWyte called for backup, as Audiworld has it's first posts from the new ACNA President Bruce Bradigan.? Hail Mary, and god help the man...? For direct link to that JNR thread, start with this post.... http://forums.audiworld.com/rockymtn/msgs/130486.phtml Without forgetting DWyte's futile attempt to ambush me here, while I was having fun in Steamboat.... http://forums.audiworld.com/rockymtn/msgs/130746.phtml As DWyte is finding out, I'm all up for banter, games and chess.? And always considered the amature attempts to cancel my event to be...? Free advertising.? That is, until the moves made by he as representing the Board of Rocky Mountain Chapter, decided to rush the front line.? My best hope is that he finds me only a well seasoned adversary in the game of internet chess.? Again Gents, appreciate the support.? I will post my Event Report on my return next week. Best to all the JNR folks here. Cheers >>>


Well, you're quite welcome.  I wasn't even taking sides - just calling it like I so obviously saw it.  It wasn't hard.


This assumes you GOT my reply then???  I wrote some stuff off the cuff and saw my post hit the list WITHOUT any of MY text included, just what I'd clip'd to include like above here.  WTF?  Black Helicopters?  I'd find that reaaaallly odd, but, you sound like you DID see what I had written (stuff about peeing in others' backyards).  If you got it, feel free to re-share it - as - I have no clue WTF happened and something obviously did happen.


Sounds like you all had yourselfs yet another STELLAR event then???  Cannot wait for qshipq report.  Truly sorry for your loss however, condolences.

Anywho, wow - reading thru the rest of ^that^ BS was outright painful.  What a bunch of thick headed arrogant ignoramus'.  I love how they accuse you of misinformation, but YOU are the only one providing PROOF of events.  That's just messed up.


REAL 'interesting' to learn of RMC's ahem 'greater issues'.  Now there's a serious WTF for ya.

Best of luck sorting out all the aftermath / carnage my friend.  Get on that qshipq report!


ps.  lots of JNR folks here, you're in good hands.  Beware, we might just give you a shout out @ our multiannual JNR Crooklyn Adventure, coming to an abandoned airport near you 2/11 muwahahahaaaa, pardon.

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