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Ok, so the latest news from my mechanic is that he went back today and tried
the compression test on no. 3 cyl, and it is up from 50 pounds to 100.  He
thinks that a failing 1.8t coil allowed the injector in that cylinder to
wash the cylinder walls, thus dropping compression.  Of course, when he went
to restart the car, two more coils failed.  Question to all you old dog aan
folks: would washing the cylinder walls result in significant scoring of the
cylinder wall?  He's doing a leak down test to verify his original bad valve

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 You don't have to drop the subframe.? If you take out the 2 front subframe
bolts, the oil pan will come out.



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for 1300 fed notes I like the idea of swapping in a blasted rear end and
otherwise well maintained 160k mile AAN, theres really not that much to it
considering some of the swaps ive been swamped with.. I will have the chance
to take the time rebuilding my original engine, though i may swap some rs2
stuff in the meantime..
.yes you can re ring it while mounted so long as youre willing to drop the
sub so you can drop the oil pan,, i dont have a lift so i would much rather
remove/install a whole engine and have the opportunity to tidy up almost 15
years of grime.. Rit, if its really only one cylinder at the head the valve
cover is a quick off to at least check the lifter action,, id pray really
hard though first too :)  and as for v8 swaps.. well ive been loving my
ECU'less veggie car and am really excited about working with my friend on
his 90q getting a 5cyl turbodiesel. ,,mmmm, i can smell it already, yuk :]
.i like gasoline for my 5 cylinders, not much more, and have enjoyed the
last few months without it..

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> brian hoeft wrote:
> > http://vwparts4sale.com/vehicles.php?id=102
> On the V8 list, there's some discussion of creating a V8 Avant.
> Option A is to put the V8 in a Type 44 Avant. Option B is to
> graft the rear of a Type44 Avant onto a V8.  This looks like a
> candidate for Option B.
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