[s-cars] 1995.5 S6 Running Real Rich, Flooding Under Boost

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Thanks, Chris.

Plugs are F5DPOR's.....they were almost new and I just replaced them with a second set to be sure. Think we're OK there. 

O2 sensor is almost new. Think that could fail in about 6K of driving....a year? Maybe we'll swap that out
And see. Lee has probably tried that already. 

Runs very smoothly out of boost, even under load. 

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I'd check and make sure it has the right spark plugs, plus I'd
be suspicious of the oxygen sensor as a bad oxygen sensor will
make it run rich.


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> Hi,
> First post. This one is perplexing me, and our indy
> mechanic {who's good.}
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Car has 82K miles, and a lot of work has gone into it to
> make it right over
> the past year. Car has an IA Stage III+ chip {their term},
> Samco hoses w/Breeze CT clamps. New 034 MAF to Turbo Hose.
> {All mods are
> with 5K miles}
> We had a couple of dying coils, and decided to go with an
> O34 HO coil kit
> after a lot of thought. After installation {a week ago}
> we had lots overboost. Found a tiny tear in the WG
> diaphragm and replaced
> it. That was after checking, and swapping with
> another car { one of our shop's tech's has an S4}
> the N75, the BPV, the ECU,
> the Fuel Pressure Regulator, and testing the coolant
> sensor, knock sensors,
> the MAF sensor, etc.  O2 sensor was new 5K miles ago. New
> Fuel pump and fuel
> filter, as well.
> Right now the car will pull very smoothly, under load, to
> 6000rpm as long as
> you stay out of boost. With more than 5 psi, the car
> stumbles, and is held
> back. It floods, and is obviously dumping unburned fuel. A
> ton of black
> smoke. Very strong fuel smell. Pull the plugs and
> they're black with soot.
> We've pressure tested it to 20 lbs., and it holds for 5
> minutes {maybe
> drops 1 lb.}. The car's been smoked. No leaks show.
> Sure sounds like a boost
> leak.
> I'm away on business, and won't get to the car
> until next week. It's at my
> mechanic's. He's real good and knows Audi fuel
> delivery systems inside and
> out. He's stumped, and so am I. I guess that the next
> step is to pull, and
> re-tighten all of the Samco's, to make sure. I would
> have guessed a blown MM
> hose, but that's not it. I have a metal crossover pipe
> on the way, but the
> plastic one looks fine. The intercooler tanks are OK, but
> I'm replacing with
> an aluminum S4 IC.
> Any suggestions and ideas of what to look into much
> appreciated. As my tech
> says, "there has to be one tiny thing that I'm
> missing."  Thanks, very much.
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