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> Then it
> evolves into someone (or small group) having the "need" to dictate *how*
> that fun and enjoyment will occur, and ultimately wield some sort of
> percieved power over the group.? Invariably, money usually gets
> involved, and the whole things goes sideways.

Hmmm. I've been kicking around the idea of being a power hungry group
organizer (or perhaps merely a "hungry" and "thirsty" group organizer).

The Colorado //Slushfest will happen the last day of the ski season at
Loveland Ski Area. What day is that? Well, they haven't announced a closing
day yet, but according to my sources at the resort they will do so in the
next week or so. Please note that it's been an amazing winter in Colorado,
so additional storms may push the closing day from the first or second week
in May to a later day.

Here's what will be on tap:

Skiing and Snowboarding (of course). I don't need a ticket, but if there is
enough interest from folks in regards to attendance, Loveland does provide
group rates. The folks seeking such rates can put a list together and
coordinate the purchase. At that time of year, the resort will have already
discounted lift tickets from the normal price, so I'm unsure if there will
be be substantial ROI on the effort, but that will be up to those who
need/want lift tickets. If you are really cheap, you can do car-shuttle ski
and snowboard laps for the cost of gas on nearby Loveland Pass.

I'll bring some. But remember, unless you have an avant (I do) and plan on
sleeping it off in the back (high probability in my case due to a love of
beer), you will be driving to and from the ski area. Use common sense.

The resort hosts a pretty fun BBQ with a band on the last day of the season,
but I'll also be hauling a BBQ and be doing some apres ski burgers in the
parking lot.

Www.skiloveland.com will fill you in on the ski area. If you are coming from
out of state, the closest real towns are Georgetown (east) or
Silverton/Dillon (west). Both offer lodging and restaurant options.

Camping: Loveland is at the continental divide. It will be cold. Bring your
winter gear (or put 2 sleeping bags inside each other). Bonfire optional,
but becoming a parking lot dweller for the evening shouldn't be a problem.

Parking: My friends at the ski area will coordinate a separate area for us
to put all of our steeds.

Spirited Driving: Loveland sits at the base of Loveland Pass. For those
unfamiliar with the area, the pass is a spectacular drive, and a nice loop
exists by following Highway 6 from the ski area, over the pass, down to
Silverthorn and back up I-70 and through the Eisenhower Tunnel to the ski
area. If you don't ski, it's a nice way to have fun.

That's it. Stay tuned.

Tom '95 S6 Avant  (hungry group organizer)

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