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Manuel Sanchez manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Sat Feb 7 11:02:42 PST 2009


Have you trimmed the ignition cable that came with the kit or did you  
just install them?

When I first installed my 034 HO kit i was experiencing severe, throw  
out the Queen Mary anchor, cut off at WOT. It doesn't sound by your  
description that you have had such a severe power cut off, but you  
never know.

  It turned out I had a bad cable. I must have boogered something up  
when I shortened the cable somehow. A new cable and all is well.

I haven't had the balls to trim my newest cable, figured I'd leave  
well enough alone this time.

Good Luck.


95.5 urS6 Avant (mostly RS2'd) with 4 trimmed and 1 extra long  
ignition cable

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> Thanks, Chris.
> Bear with me as I haven't been near the car for the week (I know  
> that sounds crazy....but this has been driving me crazy!)
> I know that the MAF sensor was swapped with no change, but I'll  
> clean and check the connectors to make sure we're OK there(if he  
> didn't do it) My tech had pretty much ruled out the MAF, but we'll  
> double check.
> What I'm trying to "connect" is why this would have happened as the  
> new coil kit went in, and as a new MAF to Turbo hose was  
> installed.  Seems to have perhaps opened up the diaphragm tear in  
> the WG, and now this. Wierd.
> Thanks for the ideas. I'll look into any and all.
> Scott

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