[s-cars] all down, no up Part II

Bill M airbil at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 19:17:54 PST 2009

Jack jacked
"Understand the CF trim, what did you use for a cup holder?

And if you need it I've got all 4 doors from a totaled 78,000 93 S4,  
beside my garage just waiting for my opportunity to replace all the  
cables, and whatever? Of course if I sell one that's the one I'll need
later.. ;^)"

Thanks for the offer for sure.
As it turns out the cable had indeed frayed somewhere I could not see  
and since
it would not go up I had to go with cutting the cable and a McGyver  
zip tied piece of wood
to hold the window up pending a parts find.  I had disassembled,  
repaired the win
I dunno though, can my glass just be installed on a new window carrier  
WRT to the cup holder it's this one from Griots
I had bought 4 about 50 years ago and installed one in the back for  
the kidz and now I have one myself.  It actually is great quality and
about as optimum a solution as possible I think.  I'll post a pic  
tomorrow if I remember.
Bill~ slowly sporting Edwin CF~M

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