[s-cars] Off-topic: Lotus Notes / iPhone compatibility

Ian Duff iduff at comcast.net
Wed Feb 11 15:34:34 PST 2009

A colleague just let slip that his iPhone is connected to our client's  
Notes server, and lets him get Lotes mail, calendar, contacts, without  
doing screen-scraping off a webmail front end.

My first question was "how?, my second question was "why?". The answer  
to the first question is a product called DME from http://www.excitor.se/ 
. The answer to the second question is not suitable for mixed company.  
Go git 'em.

Let us know which is more fun, having the heater core leak on you  
while in the astronaut position, or getting this to work.


On 08 Feb, 2009, at 22:00, Ian Duff wrote:

> Looks like they all use Notes webmail, which, at my current client, is
> nothing more than a dream. Which is why we're converting them to
> Exchange. If your Lotes offers webmail (browser access to email), then
> you're close. If no browser/webmail, then it looks like you're hosed.
> In any event, rots-o-ruck.
> -Ian.
> On 07 Feb, 2009, at 11:26, Lee Levitt wrote:
>> A quick off-topic question...if any of you has been able to
>> successfully get an iPhone to talk to Lotus Notes, I'd love to
>> chat offline.
>> I've got a week or so to figure out if I can replace my Blackberry
>> with the iPhone...my corporate IT department only supports the
>> Blackberry, so I'm on my own. :)
>> From what I can find, there are two apps available, an iNote app
>> from IBM and NotesPro from a developer in Austin (Jimmy Mooney).
>> I downloaded and installed the latter app yesterday, but it's not
>> working yet, and I'm wondering what other options are out
>> there...
>> Mandatory Audi content -- I've got an A4 racing application
>> installed. :)
>> Thanks,
>> Lee
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