[s-cars] Update: More popcorn with our Friends at RMC

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Wed Feb 11 17:52:18 PST 2009

Seems the heat on our Scar insurgent Doc Wyte, couldn't be busier after our special forces of Gruppe-q misfits overwhelmed his best offense!? He offered to come clean with all RMC's answers if someone met and bought him the beers...?? So accepted here


Then it also appears, as fate may have it, the boys at RMC appear to have skated into the ambush on ice.....


After our event, being airlifted out of Steamboat for far less than the obvious reasons (funeral), I have come to the opinion that the ACNA Gruppe-q Steamboat Ice Experience was the highlight of my last two weeks, in spite of Mr. Wyte's, or fate's best efforts.? Thoroughly enjoying the complete lack of response in the RMC retreat of their Te'te Offensive (tm-oxymoron) on AW, it would appear a lot of hot potatoes are on their plates right now.? Chuckling some that our alas-uninterrupted fun at the Steamboat venue caused such a stir amongst the local ACNA-RMC Constablary.? Boring to report after such dramatic misfires, the Event was ACNA Sanctioned, the ACNA Sanctioned Insurance Certificate arrived at the Steamboat Track Office earlier than expected, and the ice dancers had a blast!? As promised, I am working on the annual qshipq Steamboat Event report, but thought to throw the AW trailers up for those chomping at the perverbial bit....

Best Regard to all, and a thanks for all the support and Paulie's usual JNR punt

Scott J
ACNA Gruppe-q Steamboat Ice Driving Experience 2009

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