[s-cars] Running rich,...Stromung Kitty?

Michael Lardizabal mikellardizabal at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 12 15:05:10 PST 2009

My RS2'd S4 has twin Magnaflow race cats going into a Vibrant SS muffler ( sans center muffler ) and it was far from rich.

According to my VEMS ( standalone ecu ) my car @ idle ran slightly lean ~14.8 afr's then avg'd to 11.8 afr's once over 3K rpms.

Sounds like you needs new cats anyway, so I'd start there.

Ebay has some sellers that offer the 500 cell hi flow cats that are bullet shaped and are nickel construction+metal honeycomb inside instead of ceramic like the cheapo cats.

IIRC they're about 95.00 each. Lots of free flow action and gnarly snorting sounds to be had  : ) 

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Well I can't find anything obvious as to why my UrS4 is running so rich. Is
it possible that my catalytic converter is fried from some great track days
last fall?
It's a newer generation Stromung system, installed about 35k miles ago.
Full(er) RS2 goodies CRB 6 speed - where 3rd gear did most of the track work
for me.
Already replaced O2, plugs, boots, temp sensor, oil. If so, where does one
find the right replacement cat?


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