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 Mr Wyte

I would encourage you to not wait, the urgency of the questions you and
the RMC BOD need to answer appears no higher.  Since Peter Coulter has
accepted your offer to meet *and* buy your beers, you appear to be
called on your public offer.  He awaits your time and place, maybe you
need to gather your documents and get them in order? 


Gruppe-q ran a successful Event, that's true.  That said, it's been
successful for 6 years prior to '09, and it's well documented by many
members of this very list.  However, quoting your friend Flanagan on AW
'itsnotaboutyou', there appear to be a lot of questions you and your
Board left unanswered.  The irony of your words below, is the
convenience of your free time to take on my band of quattro enthusiasts
with such vigor in the past 3 weeks with all your 'other' commitments. 

Please feel free to use this list as practice to answer the what's and why's and wherefores Peter poses here:


Specifically to the charge per your BOD Bylaws doing business as "Audi
Club North America Rocky Mountain Chapter, Inc." ---  Why is it that
corporation does not exist in the Secretary of State Colorado records
search?  Which raises the very Sanctioning of the RMC Chapter per my
questions unanswered here:


 Mr. Wyte, these aren't 'talks' these are documents, the very same

documents that appeared to dispute your/representing RMC-BOD claims
that the Gruppe-q Event was not ACNA Sanctioned or had ACNA Sanctioned
Insurance.  I would have presumed that presenting those documents to
the Steamboat Track Office in proper order all but proves any contrary
allegations false.  What is there to 'talk' about?

I would encourage you to spend the time on the proper documented
apology to the donations returned to the folks per the ACNA National
Board Directive on December 30, 2008

"Rocky Mountain Fundraiser Issue

Motion: Turn the financial records of the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Second Creek

Fundraiser July 2004 over to Wegner in order to determine the net proceeds, adjusted

by an amount considered to be a reasonable expense for the dinner (banquet), to be

returned to the donors of record proportional to their contribution.

Motion by Steve Earley, second by Dean Treadway, Unanimous vote, motion carried."

Maybe during your 'talk' you can explain to the RMC membership why the
RMC Board needs to turn these monies back to the donors, and the
trickier presentation of how this means the HPR track time is now
without 'contributor' discount.  And all the membership of ACNA now has
to pay more for track time at that venue.  What events led to that

With regards to your posts here and on AW, I would draw your attention
to the ACNA National Board Code of Ethics in the contexts of your
posts, representation as the BOD spokesman, and your20actions regarding
the ACNA Gruppe-q Steamboat Ice Experience, as well as, the acts that
caused the refund of the donations above.  Quite possibly included
would be your known absence as Eventmaster 2 months prior to an Event,
without assignment of those duties to someone as qualified.  Since you
never participated in a Steamboat Ice Event, one might find it hard to
believe there were no other 'as qualified' Eventmasters.

Mr. Wyte, I have thoroughly enjoyed your persistence and obfuscation
well documented in these public Audi forums.  I urge you to seek
counsel from your BOD before speaking on their behalf here or anywhere
else.  It's my opinion that the intense scrutiny you attempted to put
on the Gruppe-q Event this year, fell well short of your goal and
target.  And as I fully expected, might cause that same intense
scrutiny on you, and your actions representing the RMC BOD.  If you
feel that your 'duty' to all your other commitments now conveniently
demands your time, I find it beyond coincidental, and I would suggest
that you get your priorities straight.  You have quite a stinky pickle on your
hands, hardly a rose.  The ACNA Gruppe-q Event is done, and all that awaits is the JNR
Event Report I've almost completed.  I wish you luck in convincing your
membership that your 'proposed' talk is as simple or amusing to your
audience.  Feel free to give a test run here prior to *this* coming

Best Regards

Scott J


pe-q Steamboat Ice Driving Experience 2009


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It appears that since I've been ignoring Scott's jibes and assaults to my 
personal email account and AudiWorld that he has to come on this list to crow 
about his "success". 

Scott, I'm ignoring you on purpose. Your claims are baseless and don't demand my 
attention. I have better things to do with my time than waste it on you. 

Surprisingly, I do have a life outside of defending myself from your attacks. 
When I'm done taking care of my private practice, patients, family, service to 
my country, and duties on the RMC board, I'll set a time to talk with the 
membership. The RMC BoD has been talking about sitting down with all the members 
as we did last November to answer questions. Not to worry, RMC will come out 

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