[s-cars] Scott J's nonsense with the RMC

Calvin Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 12 22:06:31 PST 2009

Ummm...did I miss something here?  I don't recall seeing any posts from
Scott about any of this.

I don't think half this list has the slightest clue to what you are
referring so do we really have to start a urinary olympiad on this topic in
an open forum?

Just wondering......

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It appears that since I've been ignoring Scott's jibes and assaults to my
personal email account and AudiWorld that he has to come on this list to
crow about his "success".

Scott, I'm ignoring you on purpose. Your claims are baseless and don't
demand my attention. I have better things to do with my time than waste it
on you.

Surprisingly, I do have a life outside of defending myself from your
attacks. When I'm done taking care of my private practice, patients, family,
service to my country, and duties on the RMC board, I'll set a time to talk
with the membership. The RMC BoD has been talking about sitting down with
all the members as we did last November to answer questions. Not to worry,
RMC will come out rosy.

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