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 Call a Bosch distributor... there's got to be a superceded part that will work.? I've been in a pinch before and used a random regulator pulled from a VW alternator, and it worked fine.? I'm done the same in past BMWs.




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My attempts so far to locate a Bosch voltage regulator 1 197 311 511 for my
'95 S6 (build 06/95 SN113607) have proved fruitless. NAPA no longer can get
them, the local import shop I've relied on for parts can't get it, and
rockauto.com is unable to get it (despite their website showing available
in 4 days.) ECS lists a "BOSCH - OE Voltage Regulator ES#2480", but the
picture doesn't match my part (and shows a Bosch part number ending on
027.)  Any suggestions of other sources, or should I just get a rebuilt
alternator, which seem to be much more available? Do I need to order from a
UK source?  BTW, I am taking a gamble that the regulator assembly is the
problem, as I looked and looked but couldn't find the procedure in the
Bently for testing the windings and/or diodes. But one brush is worn more
than the other and pretty near the end of its travel, so it is a reasonable
gamble, especially when I thought I could get a replacement part from NAPA
for $35.  Are the brushes individualy
replaceable if that is the only
problem?   Varon '95 S6 failing CPS, leaking J-hose, dead alternator 
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