[s-cars] Scott J's no-nonsense with the RMC -- II

Joe Pizzimenti joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 12:13:48 PST 2009

Now, wait a minute, he's a bloody DENTIST?
 I'm pretty sure that's lower than podiatrist, gastroenterologist &
urologist on the sliding scale of "respectable professions where people are
required to call you Doctor."

Joe, not a stats guy but I play a doctor on the internet, Pizzo

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 1:59 PM, <QSHIPQ at aol.com> wrote:

> Well put Peter...  Me, I'm a document and stats guy.  Excluding  private
> posts, Scar list posts and BMW forums, it would appear our busy dentist,
>  has
> quite a record well documenting he *is busy* ...  Posting!.   Over 50 posts
> on
> Audiworld since the day after the absencia Eventmaster missed  his own
> Event on
> Jan 11.   Since our fair dentist joined  Audiworld in Sept 2000, he has
> averaged over 1 post *every  single day* since!
> For this year, add in self proclaimed 4 day trip to ski end of January,
>  and
> another coming up at the end of this month, it sure appears there is plenty
> of 'down' time to contemplate these issues, or certainly make good on Peter
> Coulter's offer to 'talk' over beers.  Wyte's 2+ posts a day average  for
> the
> last month, and the questions are clear and unanswered.
> Mr. Wyte, your statement below isn't supported by your  actions, and there
> is
> no time-line or firm commitment to it.   "...The BOD is talking about
> sitting
> down with all the members.."  Better  idea, try responding to the simple
> and
> larger questions first, then, if you feel  the need to talk to the members
> you
> won't be caught up in the "I'll get back to  you" issues requiring
> documentation.  Then pick a date and a time and  place, and announce it
> well in advance,
> so your members *can* sit down with you  and the Board.  Just your needing
> to
> return the HPRaceway funds per ACNA  National Board Directive is enough to
> demand a membership/Board meeting -  as that appears to be a violation of
> Bylaw 12.4 - Grounds for Revocation of  Chapter.  Since you are on the RMC
> BOD,
> maybe you can explain why a  Secretary of State search in Colorado shows no
> Audi Car Club North America Rocky  Mountain Chapter, Inc.....  Per the
> first
> page of your Chapter bylaws,  that's the DBA of the Chapter!?
> Lets not forget you made a public offer  on AW, and Peter Coulter accepted.
> Your public offer
> _http://forums.audiworld.com/rockymtn/msgs/130467.phtml_
> (http://forums.audiworld.com/rockymtn/msgs/130467.phtml)
> Peter Coulters first acceptance of that offer
> _http://forums.audiworld.com/rockymtn/msgs/130486.phtml_
> (http://forums.audiworld.com/rockymtn/msgs/130486.phtml)
> His reminder more simply put?
> _http://forums.audiworld.com/rockymtn/msgs/130888.phtml_
> (http://forums.audiworld.com/rockymtn/msgs/130888.phtml)
> I might suggest you make the time, or take the time before you take your
> 'next' ski trip.  I give everyone the benefit they are 'busy', in your
>  case,
> claiming it vs your post count, vacation schedule and recent timing  on
> Audiworld, doesn't pass muster.
> This is your fire, don't spread oil on  it, stand up and face the
> questions.
> Making National do it on  your
> behalf, is not avoiding the "appearances of impropriety".  You and  the RMC
> Board need to address these issues immediately, and on behalf of the
>  chapter
> members you have been elected to represent!
> Scott  J
> Eventmaster
> ACNA Gruppe-q Steamboat Ice Driving Experience  2009
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> From: Peter Schulz <pcschulz at comcast.net>
> To:  docwyte at comcast.net
> Cc: s-car-list at audifans.com
> Fri, 13 Feb 2009  7:35 am
> Subject: Re: [s-cars] Scott J's nonsense with the  RMC
> Dr. Wyte.
> Glad to see that you have your  priorities in order.
> Perhaps time for reflection and to make the decision  that you are
> spread to thin to effectively represent your chapter?
> "  When I'm done taking care of my private practice, patients, family,
> service  to my country, and duties on the RMC board, I'll set a time
> to talk with the  membership"
> This is an overarching issue with much of the ACNA - there  seems to
> be a general loss of the understanding that they are ELECTED and
> REPRESENT the membership...
> i.e. its not about YOU it's about  THEM.
> If you don't have time to represent the interests of your chapter, as
> opposed to your own agenda, then DON'T.
> I came to that conclusion two  years ago myself and that's why I
> didn't seek re election as a director in  my ACNA chapter.
> This type of continued activity  at the chapter and  national level is
> exactly what prevents alot of very experienced,  passionate, caring
> (ACNA or the quattro club didn't keep me as a sustained  Audi owner,.
> the online communities did) people from joining the ACNA, is
> undermining the overall club mission, and will ultimately be it's  undoing.
> and unlike your supporters on AW, I'll actually use my name in
>  responding...
> -Peter Schulz
> At 02:04 AM  2/13/2009 +0000, _docwyte at comcast.net_
> (mailto:docwyte at comcast.net)  wrote:
> >It  appears that since I've been ignoring Scott's jibes and assaults
> >to my  personal email account and AudiWorld that he has to come on
> >this list to  crow about his "success".
> >Scott, I'm ignoring you on purpose. Your  claims are baseless and
> >don't demand my attention. I have better things  to do with my time
> >than waste it on you.
> >Surprisingly, I do have a life outside of defending myself from  your
> >attacks. When I'm done taking care of my private practice,  patients,
> >family, service to my country, and duties on the RMC board,  I'll set
> >a time to talk with the membership. The RMC BoD has been  talking
> >about sitting down with all the members as we did last November  to
> >answer questions. Not to worry, RMC will come out  rosy.
> >
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