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Doc & Listers;
I have only met you once and therefore cannot (and wouldn't even if I could in this public forum) speak to your honesty, integrity, or character, but this "response" is _very_ frustrating. You "might" sit down sometime?if the BoD does xyz etc etc.???
Correct me if I'm wrong but what I see in that post is still no answers, and no commitment (no specified place or time) to provide same.
I would _truly_ like to have some "car club fun" as well, but the apparently fatally fractured RMC doesn't appear to be on any course for that to happen any time soon.
No need to respond to me, as I'm moving on.
Truly unfortunate, and hugely disappointing!

Dennis Graber
Denver, CO

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I'll respond to your post as you seem to be logical and above the juvenile 
antics of others. 

There are complicating factors beyond just sitting down with a few people, one 
of which I want to wait to see if the entire BoD wants to do another member 
meeting like we did past November. If that doesn't happen, then I'll happily 
take an afternoon on a weekend to discuss the things that I can to anyone who is 

Like everyone else, I have a life, that entails just what it does for everyone 
else. I serve as a volunteer on the RMC board and have been putting in a 
significant amount of time (as have all the other BoD's) answering false claims 
and dealing with a highly politicized situation within the ACNA. 

It seems that we're finally moving past that and will be able to spend our time 
and energy where it should be placed, which is doing things car clubs should be 
doing, which is having fun. What we've been dealing with for the past 2 years 
hasn't been fun. 

This will be my sole reply on this matter. 

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Dr. Wyte. 

Glad to see that you have your priorities in order. 

Perhaps time for reflection and to make the decision that you are 
spread to thin to effectively represent your chapter? 

" When I'm done taking care of my private practice, patients, family, 
service to my country, and duties on the RMC board, I'll set a time 
to talk with the membership" 

This is an overarching issue with much of the ACNA - there seems to 
be a general loss of the understanding that they are ELECTED and 
REPRESENT the membership... 
i.e. its not about YOU it's about THEM. 

If you don't have time to represent the interests of your chapter, as 
opposed to your own agenda, then DON'T. 
I came to that conclusion two years ago myself and that's why I 

didn't seek re election as a director in my ACNA chapter. 

This type of continued activity at the chapter and national level is 
exactly what prevents alot of very experienced, passionate, caring 
(ACNA or the quattro club didn't keep me as a sustained Audi owner,. 
the online communities did) people from joining the ACNA, is 
undermining the overall club mission, and will ultimately be it's undoing. 

and unlike your supporters on AW, I'll actually use my name in responding... 

-Peter Schulz 

At 02:04 AM 2/13/2009 +0000, docwyte at comcast.net wrote: 
>It appears that since I've been ignoring Scott's jibes and assaults 
>to my personal email account and AudiWorld that he has to come on 
>this list to crow about his "success". 
>Scott, I'm ignoring you on purpose. Your claims are baseless and 
>don't demand my attention. I have better things to do with my time 
>than waste it on you. 
>Surprisingly, I do have a life outside of defending myself from your 
>attacks. When I'm done taking care of my private practice, patients, 
>family, service to my country, and duties on the RMC board, I'll set 
>a time to talk with the membership. The RMC BoD has been talking 
>about sitting down with all the members as we did last November to 
>answer questions. Not to worry, RMC will come out rosy. 
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-Peter Schulz 
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