[s-cars] Where is fog lamp relay?

Sean Douglas s_douglas at telus.net
Fri Feb 13 20:57:59 PST 2009


To disable to DRL on the low beam, you need to find the DRL connector, which
is tucked way up under the driver footwell, it's a purple connector IIRC. By
disconnecting this, it will deactivate the DRL on the low beams, if you want
to turn off all of the other DRLs (tail, etc.) you will have to pull the DRL
relay too.

To wire up the fogs so they are DRL is going to be tricky. The easiest way
is to pull the fog relay and jump it and  leave the fog light switch on,
this will give you a DRL.


1997 S6

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> Hi folks,
> Will be adding HIDs  soon so want to turn off lo beam DRLs 
> and replace them with the fogs. So where is the fog lamp 
> relay - Bentley or ETKA wasn't much help. And any BTDTs on 
> how to wire around the fog - I know there was recent chatter 
> on this but wasn't specific.
> Thanks
> Tony
> 96 S6
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