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To be clear on the below, I am not speaking to the 501c3 status that the  IRS 
has on file under EID#: 753063937 held in Westminster CO.  Peter  and I speak 
to the DBA *in* CO of the RMC, and the required good standing  of the 
business license of the RMC Entity in Colorado.
Again, I'm sure Mr. Wyte, as the BOD Secretary of (DBA) Audi Car Club of  
America Rocky Mountain Chapter, Inc.  as is his defacto responsibility to  the 
Board, has the proper documents to immediately clear up this  misunderstanding.  
Me, I'd be concerned that someone seeking opportunity,  could acquire that 
business license, and cause quite a problem for the Dba and  RMC/ACNA.
Mr. Wyte, Peter Shultz's comments are valid, if the excuses and other  
commitments to life, cause undue burden on your position on the (dba) ACNA RMC  
Board, the reality of your choices going forward appear obvious.  Some  
suggestions to lighten this load in your life:  Spend some time on the  Documents and 
respond to the emails/threads as the Secretary of RMC on  record.  IME over the 
last 15years with the Club, honest answers (including  mistakes as an unpaid p
osition) give better appearances of propriety, than  excuses and obfuscation.  
A general announcement weeks in advance, 'same  time - same place' helps the 
membership have confidence that their elected Board  Members are open to 
improvement and discussion of all issues.  Put forth a  strategic and honest 
position regarding the HPR funds.  This issue is *not*  National's to address, this 
is RMC issue and reputation at a local motorsport  levelt.  Summary:  Watching 
your rope-a-dope bobbing and ducking,  isn't just unnecessary, it's 
Again, you have this forum to respond to as a test bed.  I know just  about 
all the members on this list personally, and my experience has been, if  you 
are looking to a forum for 'help' and or support, you could find no better  
place.  A quick about face of your first impression, would be a great  start if 
you are genuine in your efforts to share the Marque enthusiasm.  
Scott J
Concerned ACNA member
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bradigan at bestweb.net, 
Dennis  et. al. (mssrs Wyte and Bradigan too?)
I have attempted to handle Mr. Wyte  and the "RMC BOD" with my best efforts 
towards respect to his charges in the  past 3 weeks.  Un-be-knownst to me 
prior, the actions of the RMC towards  the Gruppe-q Event appear to be the standard 
fare.  I don't find it  frustrating, I find the reciprocity of same scrutiny 
may apply?   Referencing typical Board of Director responsibilities, The BOD 
Secretary (so  documented at RMC as Josh Wyte) is responsible for maintaining 
up to date, all  documents with regard to the activities of the Board, and the 
Membership of  the Club.  Which means by definition, that Josh Wyte, speaking 
on behalf  of the "RMC" Board should have all these documents current and at 
his  disposal.  Here's my first discovery in a simple to follow logic  train.  
To wit:

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