[s-cars] all down, no up, the end.

bill mahoney airbil at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 16:57:46 PST 2009


Doug rolled:
"I don't know about swapping the window regulators.  I had to replace
mine a while back on my S6 and was sent an S4 regulator.  Didn't fit.
Got the S6 part and was good as new.  Thing is, I still have the S4
regulator in my parts bin.  Let me know if you need it."

So with my free courtesy of Chris Chambers '92 regulator in stock..
Heck I Hadda use it.  Gotta have a working
drivers window.  And an S6 one on ebay was $125.
So I am getting good at taking doors apart.  Unfortunately to install
a regulator the whole window assembly
has to come out.  Pieces and screws really pile up.
So I got it all apart and discovered that the winder screw holes do
not line up for the S6.  However, I was able to remove the '92 winder
with the cable intact and exchange it with that of the S6.  I had to
drill out the three crazy looking screws that hold the winding
mechanism. If installing a
whole regulator assembly, there were probably three or four more of
these which I was happy not to have to remove.
Not totally easy, but obviously doable.  I think it took me about five
hours start to finish.
I was working slow to try to see how things came apart and remember
how they go back together.
Success!  No parts left over.  I dont see that too often.
Now for some love champagne for a change of pace.
Bill~*Pepé Le Pew~*M

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