[s-cars] strictly audi mechanic Bradenton, FL?

Bill M airbil at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 09:52:21 PST 2009

Betsey wrenched:
"I am looking for an Audi Mechanic in Bradenton, FL for my '95 S6.  I  
am very picking as to who works on my car and the last guy messed it  
up I had to fix it myself.
  So if any one know's of anybody let me know."

I like your mojo!
That said, when my sister was down there Joe Hoppen (941) 378-9064  
sent her with her S4 over to the secret old Eyetalian mechanic ...  
might have been in Bradenton.
Here is basically all she remembers
"I believe it is Mike Suole...Sue oh lee..could be double L...not  
sure....got his name from Joe Hoppen people he is a KICK last of a  
breed, on outskirts of town......like to
put the car on the rack and then take you under there to show salt  
damage while smoking a cigarette, he was born in the town birthplace  
of Ferrari..his son name is Enzo..."
That's all I can tell you other than old Mike Suole was like a car  
surgeon where he would operate and the other guys would just hand him  
tools and clean up after.
He scolded her for having CT rust on the bottom of the car.  So, I  
would try tracking via a call to Joe Hoppen.
What needs repair on your car I wonder?
Bill~heading to LongBoatKey for spring break~M

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