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Is that in the red pig, Bill?  
I'm headed north from Key West tomorrow--had enough paradise for one trip.  If so, wave on the way down.  Or, 
stop in Knoxville if it's later.


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> Betsey wrenched:
> "I am looking for an Audi Mechanic in Bradenton, FL for my '95 S6.  I  
> am very picking as to who works on my car and the last guy messed it  
> up I had to fix it myself.
>   So if any one know's of anybody let me know."
> Betsey,
> I like your mojo!
> That said, when my sister was down there Joe Hoppen (941) 378-9064  
> sent her with her S4 over to the secret old Eyetalian mechanic ...  
> might have been in Bradenton.
> Here is basically all she remembers
> "I believe it is Mike Suole...Sue oh lee..could be double L...not  
> sure....got his name from Joe Hoppen people he is a KICK last of a  
> breed, on outskirts of town......like to
> put the car on the rack and then take you under there to show salt  
> damage while smoking a cigarette, he was born in the town birthplace  
> of Ferrari..his son name is Enzo..."
> That's all I can tell you other than old Mike Suole was like a car  
> surgeon where he would operate and the other guys would just hand him  
> tools and clean up after.
> He scolded her for having CT rust on the bottom of the car.  So, I  
> would try tracking via a call to Joe Hoppen.
> What needs repair on your car I wonder?
> Bill~heading to LongBoatKey for spring break~M


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