[s-cars] Checking timing, will it run if one tooth off?

Douglas Landaeta dlandaeta at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 08:53:49 PST 2009

Having exhausted most normal backyard diagnostics* for my emissions problems
(running too rich, high HC and CO), I'm considering that my successful
timing belt job this past summer was one tooth off. Is it possible that 'one
tooth off' runs apparently normal timing because the ECU adapts as well as
possible and the only outward signs are these high HC and CO numbers at the
tailpipe? I couldn't find the mark in the flywheel window (only a short
attempt) and marked everything up front to reassemble exactly as it came

* there's no apparent vacuum hose damage or leaks throughout the system,
additional diagnostics are getting a hold of a real wideband afr meter and a
much better fluke multimeter - or the stock ECU swap. - or testing for a bad

My experience has been that the problem is usually very close to the last
thing I touched


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