[s-cars] Brake sensor malfunction

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 15:10:31 PST 2009

Can the harness be easily swapped with one from a parts car or is it part of a bigger harness?

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> I have had similar behavior in other cars.  You need to find
> the
> connection inside the car where the harness from the engine
> bay joins
> the dash harness and begin ohming it out.  Should have a
> complete
> circuit from there to one of the two pins in the LF sensor.
>  Then from
> the other LF pin to one of the pins at the RF sensor, then
> finally from
> the other RF pin to ground.  If one of these wires is
> broken, you'll get
> an open circuit and never get the light to go out.
> What I did to disable the light, yet retain the ability to
> go backwards
> if I chose to find the break and repair it, was to remove
> the engine bay
> harness pin connection in the cabin, and replace it with
> another
> pin/wire that I then grounded.  This way when the harness
> was
> reconnected, the autocheck was seeing ground, but if I saw
> fit, I could
> remove my spare pin, re-install the original pin, and fix
> the wiring.
> -Stott
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> Gents,
> My brake sensor on my S6 is screaming that I need new
> brakes, even
> though
> there are all new rotors/pads all the way around!
> The connector on the car side has been cleaned by my tech
> and even when
> bridging the connectors at the car it still screams for
> pads.
> Other than cutting back into the harness and permanently
> disabling
> the sensor is there a known trouble area I can check?
> Thanks
> Chris
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