[s-cars] 50 worst cars of all time

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Tue Feb 17 10:34:03 PST 2009

I usually don't spend much time with Time mag, but got caught up with  
some current lists, like 25 people to blame for the current crisis.  I  
was relieved to find no listers on the List.
And the London bus wars on advertising on the double deckers seemed to  
be better news reporting than the local news from Miami stations.

Buried with the article on the French presidents plan to bailout the  
car industry but requiring them to bring manufacturing back to France  
despite EU rules is this cute list of 50 worst
automobiles.  Also saw no s-cars or listers here, but some of the  
comments on the cars are hilarious.


You can probably backtrack to other stories if you like, i.e., Salma  
Hayek breast feeding, 25 things I didn't want to know about you, their  
great cartoons,  and other top stories.


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