[s-cars] Emissions Test

Calvin Young calvinyoung at cox.net
Tue Feb 17 19:42:07 PST 2009

Finally got my girl through the air police.  Thanks to all who  
provided me info on getting me through the process.

My specs are now much better than they were back in 2004.

Here is what I did:

1.  Two doses of concentrated Techron and lots of driving.
2.  Changed oil to Mobil 1.
3.  Made sure car was hot before.
4.  Changed the pressure regulating valve.
5.  Changed gas to Shell regular (car had no misses)  (Makes me  
wonder why we have to use high test for the car.  Acceleration is a  
little off, but not by much.)

My numbers are;

                            Idle   				2500RPM
HC ppm	125		21			125		31
CO%	1		0			1		.03

HC ppm was 145 NS 155 respectively for idle and 2500 rpm

Again, many thanks.


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