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No sooner did I order the Bosch FP yesterday, when I began to question that call. The OEM FP was a VDO/Siemans. Had no issues, but I thought proactively replacing it at 75K miles and 13 years made sense, as I was doing a lot of work. That was 7K miles ago.  I replaced it with a Bosch, which has "crapped out" prematurely. The FP supplied to dealers is the VDO/Siemans.

I've heard of some lousy Bosch pumps, but no complaints about the VDO.  
In the past, I've had great luck with Bosch. 

Any comments or thoughts on this? No problem returning the Bosch, should I go with the VDO. Price is,kt the factor, but the VDO is about $30 less expensive.  

Thanks very much. Just don't want to be doing this again in a year! 

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Thanks. We did that to be sure this AM. Had a new filter in the parts bin. It's clearly the fuel pump. Put the older spare in, and it runs perfectly. A/F measures right on with a wideband sensor. Problem solved. 

I have a new 43mm Bosch pump being overnighted, and will relay it to the battery. Then we'll keep the fingers crossed. 

Appreciate all of the help. I'll report back when the new install is done....and fingers crossed, all's well. 

Hadn't even thought about an 18 month old FP with 7-8K of miles on it being bad (not dead). Guess it happens, though rarely. 

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I'd replace the fuel filter first.? Maybe it's partially plugged.

Mark near Chicago but not this week

Scott wrote:
Hi. Noob here. Car is a 1995.5 S6 Avant, 82K miles. Upgraded to an IA Stage
III+ {Stage 1 in other nomenclature, with a 3 Bar transducer} chip 8 months
ago. Recently replaced two dying coils with an 034 HO Coil kit, and have
since experienced a number of issues. Not related to the coil kit, we now
know. Seems like bad timing and luck! Overboost, found a boost leak, MAF
issues and running rich, to now running very lean {17:1 A/F} when in high
boost. We've sourced at least two problems to a kinked fuel line {since
fixed}, and a faulty fuel pump. The FP was replaced about a year ago with a
stock 43mm {019G} Bosch pump. Evidently, it's not pulling enough fuel. My
experience in the past has been that pumps would get noisy and then die. Not
this. Swapped in the pump that I saved as a spare, and it runs much better
{not perfect, may be the voltage drop along with an older pump}.? My plan is
to relay a new one to the battery. Question is what pump? I have no plans
for more power. No RS2. I had though that a Bosch 43mm pump was the
appropriate one for my set up. I also assumed that they were all German
built. The failing one is marked "made in Germany".? Is a 60mm? 044, or 040
more than I need? Any downside to going that big? Perhaps an 005 is the
solution? I've been reading about a Walbro 255 as an option. Any ideas,
recommendations or experience with this issue? I posted over on AW, and have
just one reply, suggesting to just do the 044 or 040. I'm not sure if I'll
be done for now after the new FP, but I know that it needs replacing as a
next step.
Thanks very much for any input.

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