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Sounds like NAPA used to carry regulator/brush assemblies for our Bosch
alternators, but no longer has them available.

I just ordered a regulator/brush assembly from
for $20 + $15 S&H.  We'll see how it goes!

Make use of Chris Chamber's list to get the right one for your car:

110 Amp Bosch alternator for AAN = 054 903 015L (This is no.11 on MG 9 SG 03
Illustration UEB) Regulator PN is 034 903 803

120 Amp Bosch alternator for AAN = 054 903 015K (No. 18 in the same list as
above) Regulator PN is 028 903 803D (or DX)

For later UrS6s (after VIN SN020155) the 120 Amp Bosch PN is 046 903 015F
Regulator for this one is 028 903 803E"

My '95 S6 (built 06/95) uses the later one... I suspect that a few other
part numbers would work, as long as the physical configuration is the same,
especially as there is a terminal ("F" for field) that sticks out the back
of the alternator that is not used in our application.  However, there are
some Bosch regulators that are not physically the same, so be careful.

Looking at the brush assembly it doesn't look like it is really designed for
brush replacement, at least not compared to the vacuum cleaner or old
electric drill motors in which I've replaced the brushes.  But I'm sure that
where there's a will there's a way!

'95 S6 getting rebuilt J-hose & replacement voltage regulator

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