[s-cars] rebuilt alternator

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sat Feb 21 13:04:30 PST 2009

Mmmmm, Mark, I believe that $30 drop in brush set was actually the  
regulator.  A set of brushes are $2 and they are definitely not drop in.

But, your experience confirms what listers should be doing.  Forget  
chasing the
Bosch part # or Audi #, just get the Pacific Rim part from a local  
rebuild shop.
His labor rates will preclude replacing brushes only, but yours may be  
cheap enough
to justify the work.

If you need to go past that, get a factory rebuilt Bosch alternator.    
You can't duplicate
the factory precision for bearing and shaft alignment that results in  
a long life part.


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> Jerry,
> When I replaced my brushes I went to a local alternator repair shop  
> and got whatever
> was recommended in their rebuild book.? It was cheap - ~$30 and has  
> worked just
> great for the past 15K miles.? No soldering - mine dropped right in  
> - 95.5S6
> Mark near Chicago someday
> Jerry wrote:
> Does anyone have a source for buying the brushes only?? Would NAPA  
> have
> these or would I have to go to a motor rebuild shop?

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