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Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sun Feb 22 14:23:09 PST 2009

I wish you would quit reminding me of how you bought that last cover,  
Fred.  : > )

NEA was the parent company of the anodized aluminum cover venture, but I
believe Glenn kept this production as a separate venture.  In any  
case, NEA did
the original advertising and are still in business in Concord, NH, but  
the milling
venture and the Mori Seiki CNC horizontal mill are no longer there.  TJM
motorsports is a related company, so Tim may have some information.

There was a group buy, so there are several around.  Perhaps one will be
involved in a fender bender and become available.  They sold for $200  
US in
the original buy so don't expect to buy one cheap.


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> Martin;
> If you are referring to the injector covers that were machined from  
> billet
> aluminium, they were made by a now defunct company who's name  
> escapes me.
> The last of their stock was sold off through eBay several years ago  
> and I
> bought the last injector cover available. It is nice :)
> There may be something else available, but I haven't run across  
> anything.
> Fred Munro
> '97 S6
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> Hi all,
> I have seen some S4/S6 cars with nice custom made covers that  
> replace ugly,
> black plastic cover that goes over the injectors. Does anyone know who
> makes/sells'em?
> Thanks a lot.
> Martin,

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