[s-cars] After run pump part number and replacement DIY

David Forgie forgied at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 22 21:59:09 PST 2009

Jim: The after run pump (PN 034 965 561C) is shown in this AudiWorld post:


It fails as shown in the photos, i.e. the plastic of the pump gets old and brittle and cracks. 
Repairs do not work.  Needs to be replaced.  Inlet and outlet hoses not not seem to fail so I 
wouldn't worry about them.

Replacement is easy. Clamp off the inlet and outlet hoses away from the pump, either using hose 
pinch clamps or needle nose vice grips (don't over tighten).  Then remove the hose gear clamps and 
work the hose off of the pump.  (You will only lose a bit of coolant).  Remove the electrical 
connection and remove the pump.  Replace with a 3/4" plastic 90 deg plastic hot water elbow (or a 
copper one if you have one) for roadside (or temporary) repair OR with a new pump. 

The early VR6 cars use the same pump as the UrS, the later VR6 cars use a pump with a different 
electrical connector (i.e. you need to change the wiring).  It has been reported that an OE UrS / 
Early VR6 pump coudl be purchased at one time from FAP99 (Tim) for $92 + shipping.

A B5 2.7t S4 V6 after run pump (PN 078 965 561) will also work, albeit with minor modifications 
to the mount, as explained in this post:


Hope that helps.

Dave F.

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