[s-cars] going BIG

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Tue Feb 24 07:18:31 PST 2009

My advice is to forget all about relative cost of the options, and  
just budget for a Stoptech BBK.  Then if you find a less expensive  
solution that meets your needs (you haven"t said what they are),
then you can feel really good about it.   Debating this is like  
arguing the merits of the financial rescue plan--there are good parts  
to all proposals--be sure to read the fine print so you understand
the total cost and advantages of each.  And, since you don't really  
"need" to do anything, maybe cost is a factor to consider.

I like the Porsche 993tt calipers and rotors, but if there was a  
Boxter kit right in front of me at half the cost, I might want to try  
it, even though I would wonder why the Boxter S needed bigger brakes
but my heavier car didn't.


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> So, I have been planning on upgrading the "fabulous" stock brakes on  
> my S6, to some more "meaty" ones out of a boxter. I need to decide  
> what rotors to get, and I would like to go with whichever product is  
> lighter [ I guess] Is there going to be a significant difference in  
> weight between OEM A8 rotors (312mmx25mm) and aftermarket  
> crossdrilled/slotted Zimmmerman or similar, or shold I not pay  
> attantion to weight factor and get the less expensive ones?
> Thanks!
> Martin,
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> '87 Scirocco16v
> '95 S6

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