[s-cars] NAC: noice vid montage

Michael Lardizabal mikellardizabal at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 14:13:55 PST 2009

Great vids Paulie !

Surprising how much the GT was rolling and bottoming out,but this was probably a consumer level one anyways.

Nevertheless awesome stuff.

I have a vid bookmarked of Nick Heidfeld taking last years Williams BMW F1 around the Nordschleife and he took both carousels on the flat outside lanes, as compared to the inner ones the driver of the GT took. My guess is the F1 car would scrape too much of its magnesium sway bars on the inside.

I guess I'll find out which lane to take in May  : p

Good catch. 

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Minor corrections:

* it was //SFest 2003

* the WOT top of road launch was betwixt said GT2, but then the F355 Spider and
the ZR-1.  All three in wondrous holeshot splendor ala synchronized simultaneous
4wheel drift.

* Edweirdo is a complete total utter GHEYBOB for going MIA in recent years - no
excuse suckha.

I'm with you Bologna - the memories are vivid (yet blurry at same time) and
hilarious.  To many more!

- Paul

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Paully Walnutted ~

"nearly incontinent giggledom (Edweirdo style)"

Now there's a flashback for ya.
For the uninformed, this refers to Ed (I alwaze attend but never arrive)
Walsh's (aka Edweirdo) one X only '02 Sfest appearance.
IIRC the highlight of the party for Ed was kindly offering to assist the
hottest of hot blondes with her application of bug lotion (aka Bug Lotion Girl).
But I digress.
Ed, attired in full central CT regalia (i.e. plaid Bermuda's / white boat
sneakers) found himself located about four feet behind the GT2 vs PcarTurbo
(IIRC)street launch at an undisclosed street location.
He was more than surprised upon which he screamed, then screamed again and then
screamed again... Sam Kinison style, whilst jumping up and down in a knock
knee'd fashion possibly soiling things.  Dunno for sure.
Apologies to Ed, but he never comes here anyhoo;)
Bill~ saving these mind pictures to play back in my old age~ M

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