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Jack Walker jack at walkerperformancegroup.com
Tue Feb 24 14:20:55 PST 2009

So how are the 996tt calipers fitting with rotors these days on a S6? I
don't recall seeing anyone other than 2B doing anything much bigger than the
993tt route? I tried some of Blizcat's 996tt brackets and hats on the 993tt
rotor ring and they wouldn't fit on my S6 with any of the 17" wheels I had
at that time!


"Audi S8 or something like CTS-V, Viper, LS430, Evo, STi or 350Z brakes",
sounds like you have sources for making brackets and a lot of time to fab up
stuff! Share what you're doing, pretty please!


Trying to simply buy some brackets and hats to work with the 993tt, 996tt
stuff is hard enough, let alone working with the CTS or 350Z stuff.  But the
CTS and 350Z calipers are a lot less expensive, even though they all are
just Brembo calipers? 


I've been working on fitting some 993tt calipers and rotors to my UrQ, right
now I've got the UrQ set up with the 993tt stuff with RPI - A4 brackets and
hats, but the 3 sets of 17" and 1 set of 18" wheels are running into the
caliper, I can space it outward, so maybe I'll accomplish two things get the
clearance on the wheels to the calipers and move the tire off the spring!


Jack Walker


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Brake torque is increased by going to a larger diameter rotor- you should
have no problem with 17" wheels, a 16" with lots of clearance like the OEM
Avus wheel would fit fine.


Better to go with a larger caliper as well- Porsche 993tt or 996, D2 Audi S8
or something like CTS-V, Viper, LS430, Evo, STi or 350Z brakes.




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