[s-cars] Odd clutch behavior.....

Jim Fleischer jim at almgt.com
Wed Feb 25 18:43:31 PST 2009


The Audi Gods are starting to wake from a long winter's nap and are pestering me to no end........

So, I've got the rear hatch wires taken care of......then an oil change and a temporary coolant leak fix with an elbow piece until I get my hands on an auxiliary water pump..... everything is sealed up nicely, no leaks anywhere, car is up to temp, hop in, and can't get my car in gear.  Clutch pedal feels normal, back and forth, 5-10 times, can't get into gear.  Turn car off, after a little persuasion and rocking the car back and forth, am able to get into gear.  Engage clutch, try to start car, car lurches forward (gear lever in first).  Turn off car, try to get out of gear, not easy, but successful.  Start car, lever in neutral, all is fine.  Engage clutch, can't get into gear.  Turn car off, get girlfriend to depress clutch pedal while I look around for clues.  Have her depress about 5-10 times, I hear creaking coming from the back of the motor/top of tranny, I wiggle some hydraulic hoses in general direction of creaking noise, I feel "pulsing" in hoses while the clutch pedal is worked back and forth, I get back in and viola', I have a normal feeling and operating clutch.  I drive downtown, everything is back to normal.  Car pulls fine, no clutch slip, same pedal feel as before, same engagement point, everything good.

The only thing that might give a clue as to maybe something "froze" somehow is after replacing the after-run pump with the elbow, I washed the area with a small bucket of warm water, as coolant was everywhere (I did have a basin to collect it below, however.)  We've had some mild days here in NW Montana, but is had dipped to below freezing last night and part of today.  Could water have gotten in somewhere and froze something?  I had not driven the car for about 5 days prior to today, as I was pissing coolant.

Any input, much appreciated.  I'll go out later tonight and see if it replicates itself.


Best regards,

Jim Fleischer (wishing I had a garage)
'95 s6 avant
'83 ur

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