[s-cars] Odd clutch behavior.....

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Wed Feb 25 19:13:35 PST 2009

Jim Fleischer wrote:
"....  Engage clutch, can't get
> into gear. ..."

Sounds like the clutch disc got stuck. I've never heard of one sticking in 
such a short time frame, but it's quite common on cars that sit for a little 
while. Maybe water in the disc (it's absorbent) froze, maybe something else, 
but still sounds like a stuck clutch disc. If it is something to do with 
being literally frozen (as opposed to simply stuck) I would guess that if it 
ever happens again it would be solved by warming the engine a bit.

FWIW, on cars that get a stuck disc from sitting, the usual process to free 
it is warming the engine in neutral, then shutting it off and rolling the 
car into the street or anywhere you've got some space, selecting first gear, 
starting the engine (should start immediately when warm so the starter would 
be ok), and driving away with the clutch pedal depressed. Usually 
accelerating to 15-20mph then braking suddenly or suddenly applying then 
releasing the throttle frees the disc.

-Cody Forbes 

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