[s-cars] Odd clutch behavior.....

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 Having said what you've said... can you name a single clutch failure, hydraulic or mechanical, that would have a completely normal pedal feel?? I can't, so I discounted that element.

I suppose it is remotely possible that the clutch plate froze to both the flywheel and the pressure plate, not allowing disengagement, but I kind of doubt it.? Living where I live, I've had the entire engine compartment packed with ice after a drive in deep/wet snow.? Surely at shut down, melt and overnight freeze occurred... but I never experienced such behavior.

I hope Jim will inform us if this behavior returns... and what the outcome was.




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> I seriously doubt that any water related issue is the source of your?

> problem.? I would suspect that your slave cylinder is starting to?

> give out.? Pumping repeatedly will usually provide a cure for a?

> while, but eventually the fluid will leak past the seals enough to?

> prevent normal actuation.? I would bet that this behavior will return?

> soon.?

IME there is always a change in pedal feel with any clutch hydraulic related 
failure. A leaky slave that needs to be pumped you can detect the pedal 
feeling soft and sometimes even sticking to the floor. As you pump the pedal 
and draw in some new fluid you can feel the pedal get harder to push as the 
slave starts actually pushing against the pressure plate diaphram spring.?

-Cody Forbes ?


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