[s-cars] Tramlining and tires.

Matthew Russell skippertgore at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 05:53:10 PST 2009

First off, sorry to ask another tire question.

But I've got 2: I have written down that people have had better luck  
reducing the tramlining phenomena with a 245-40-17 instead of 225-45's?

And also re tires: I haven't tried the Sumitomo HTR series which all  
are super reasonable. Reviews on TireRack are mixed. Anyone here care  
to chime in? Also in the running are Yokohama avid w4s (side note: I  
didn't like my old es100s!) Yok s.drive, Dunlop sp sport 5000, and  
Conti extreme contacts. Kumho ecsta's?

Budget and wear are important. I do have snows on the stock wheels for  
winter. I'm getting old and performance is probably middle of the list.

Reduced tramlining while still maintaining good turn-in are most  
important. Front end is tight.

-Matt, CO
92 s4

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