[s-cars] Odd clutch behavior.....

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Thu Feb 26 05:00:32 PST 2009

> Having said what you've said... can you name a single clutch failure,
> hydraulic or mechanical, that would have a completely normal pedal
> feel?  I can't, so I discounted that element.  

The only one I know of is a stuck disc, which is why I went that way.

> I suppose it is remotely possible that the clutch plate froze to both
> the flywheel and the pressure plate, not allowing disengagement, but
> I kind of doubt it.  Living where I live, I've had the entire engine
> compartment packed with ice after a drive in deep/wet snow.  Surely
> at shut down, melt and overnight freeze occurred... but I never
> experienced such behavior.     

I was thinking that freezing was a far fetch, but maybe some water got down there are for some reason the disc and flywheel rusted together extra quickly. Still a far fetch, but it way my only thought as to why the pedal would feel normal yet it wouldn't disengage.

> I hope Jim will inform us if this behavior returns... and what the
> outcome was. 

And that'll be the tell for sure.

-Cody Forbes

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