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Ken inquired and John noted:

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You sold the V8!  I am on both lists (V8 & S) since I own one of each,
unfortunately you will find little to no S8 info here.  Though I am
sure that Paul K can chime in (another S8 convert) and lead you to the
promised land.

Good luck with the S8, care to share what your thoughts are coming
from the V8?  Apples to Oranges I know but am curious.


Hey "New Guy" - welcome!

True - while this List has 'some' (@ ~ 7+/-) converts from urS4/6 to urS8 who still linger Here (like a fart?) - the far better resource I unfortunately have to suggest is the dreaded da da da DUM...  AudiWorld.  Thing is, over on AWD2 the crowd is pretty decent.  Just a bit too soggy (aka not nearly dry enough).

So posting D2 Q's here *may* glean you an answer from some owners who have become proficient with the inherent D2 nuance - which there is *much*.  But join AWD2 if you've not yet as the knowledge base / talent pool there is high - many enginerds like here 8-).

To answer your Q's

Service light reset is done with a soft reset (doesn't clear it just keeps it from being always on) via a cluster button sequence (forget, do an AW search), and hard clear is done via VAG-COM.  If you don't have you'll either want to score it, or like me want those around you with.

MTM chip is real rare - mostly as it was rather pricey and all it's alleged to do is remove the 153mph speed limiter.  Tho things that make ya go hmmm - my speedo shuts down @ 146 FWLIW btw and ohso curiously so - Divine Intervention?  //Silver is the //Slowest?  (Nevah! - Ming is, for those not in the know...).  No power gain that I'm aware of.


...you got me ***REAL*** curious - you, in the name of //Science me friend, must run us this Litmus Test and report back pronto:

***_UN_FOOKIN_CORK_THAT_ALUMIBIATCH_*** and let us know what she's er 'got'?  Rumor'd to be north of 180land uh huh.  Gnarly.

If you fail to heed such obligation - simply swap ECU's with someone (hmmm wonder who?) for the day / ever yes.

Anywho, welcome nonetheless.  MIT eh?  My neighbor teaches there.  Least you're ALL not dorks then as YOU have cool cars 8-)... him?  (gasp) Prius - one of THREE silver Prii on my culdesac of 16 houses (lame!).  So you're 'local'.  Maybe we'll meet up sometime, lots of great folkz 'round these har parts I say.

Oh, and

'03s ROCK btw (long as they're not Ming - or if it is, not Ming with MD tags).  Congrats.  "Compared to the V8"?  You could write a book on 'that' one (same as trying to comparo to urS6).  FanfrickinfookinfirckinfuchinfarginfrigginTABULOUS automobiles these things are - damn straight.


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