[s-cars] Rear Hatch Wiring

Jack Walker jack at walkerperformancegroup.com
Thu Feb 26 09:22:58 PST 2009

Recently saw some posts about the Avant rear hatch having wiring problems,
shorts and such.

As it now happens I'm having license plate, rear wiper and defroster issues.
Intermittent working of the various systems!

Tried to search the knowledge base, but it seems to not be working, and when
I searched by topics there didn't seem to be anything related directly to
the rear hatch issues in February..


Can anyone point me to the discussions, or tell me how to get to the wiring
harness in the ceiling and rear hatch?

Where is the harness connection? Up inside the roof, I'm assuming it's on
the driver's side.

Or anyone that has recently completed the repair care to send me a email?


Jack Walker

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