[s-cars] New Guy, S8 question

David Giannandrea david.giannandrea at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 26 20:22:52 PST 2009

 How to reset service indicator:

Go to Ross-Tech and buy the VAG-COM and a Bentley Manual. Email me for the
procedure after you get the inteface, you don't need the 'Pro Kit'.



I use my VAG-COM for both the 93 S4 (needs attachment) and 97 A8

It's a cheap investment to keep you out of repair shops. Most diagnostics
point you exactly to the failing part...and they're mostly mis-firing plugs.


The A8s will throw codes constantly unless you feed them quality high-octane
petrol. And besides, the good gas gets better mileage and pays for itself.
Keep records and you will find that out. This applies to all you Audi
drivers. Honda's don't care about what gas they get...Audi's do.

David G.

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