[s-cars] Brake Symbol on.

David Giannandrea david.giannandrea at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 26 21:19:36 PST 2009

Wylie Bean,
Robert Myers,

Thanks for the suggestions but neither worked. 

My owner's manual said the autocheck system will show the Brake Symbol when
the pads are worn...didn't mention any other cause.

Brake lights are a different symbol: brakes+lightbulb.

Hand brake triggers a dash light, not part of the auto-check system.

Pentosin reservoir is for power steering, not brakes, and oddly doesn't have
a level indicator.

My brake symbol doesn't announce until after I'm backed up and have started
to drive forward. I suspect the brakes aren't checked until the car has
forward movement, silly computer.


Re: K24 turbo rebuild

I'm having my K24 rebuilt with a K26 hot side. I am expecting a sustained
power band to redline...not like the stock urS4 that is out of breath after

Anybody have a BTDT for me?


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