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The pentosin reservoir does have a level indicator.  There are marks
on the side of it.


On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 12:19 AM, David Giannandrea
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> Wylie Bean,
> Robert Myers,
> Thanks for the suggestions but neither worked.
> My owner's manual said the autocheck system will show the Brake Symbol when
> the pads are worn...didn't mention any other cause.
> Brake lights are a different symbol: brakes+lightbulb.
> Hand brake triggers a dash light, not part of the auto-check system.
> Pentosin reservoir is for power steering, not brakes, and oddly doesn't have
> a level indicator.
> My brake symbol doesn't announce until after I'm backed up and have started
> to drive forward. I suspect the brakes aren't checked until the car has
> forward movement, silly computer.
> -------
> Re: K24 turbo rebuild
> I'm having my K24 rebuilt with a K26 hot side. I am expecting a sustained
> power band to redline...not like the stock urS4 that is out of breath after
> 5500rpm.
> Anybody have a BTDT for me?
> David
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