[s-cars] NAC: 930 Pinewood - pics

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Fri Jan 16 14:09:14 PST 2009

Actually turned out much better than I envisioned.  I'm not sure  
that's much of a compliment now that I read it.  : > )

I was thinking you could go here if the project fell apart.  The ride- 
on stuff is even TUV approved.



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> Again sorry for WOB, a number of you emailed me asking for pics.
> Well, finished @ 1:30 last night.  Oy.
> Course I was trying to set the wheels while the 1/2 can of clear  
> coat (heh heh) was still gummy (go figure), keep putting f'n prints  
> and dents in it.  GRRrrrr.
> I brought it to weigh here on our postal scale and am 0.3oz over, of  
> course brought drill to drill bottom out some more.   
> ShouldashouldaSHOULDA brought the DREMEL.  I suck.  Drilled right  
> through the pass window...  and then door.  Did I mention I suck?   
> Happened so fast.  D'oh.  Will decal over the eraser sized holes  
> when I get home I guess.
> But, here goes.  And, yes - I know it looks much like a Volvo P544  
> or '48 Dodge or Bug with a spoiler in certain shots.  Like I said,  
> design constraints due to rules.
> Enjoy:
> http://picasaweb.google.com/pkrasusky/930Pinewood#
> I'm tired.
> -Paul

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