[s-cars] No turn signals w/lights on

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sat Jan 24 12:40:21 PST 2009

That doesn't make sense with the description of the problem - his 
headlights work, but when they are on, he loses his signals, as I read it.

I'm thinking maybe he lost a ground, but I'm not sure where.

Mark J. Besso wrote:
> +1 for the ignition switch being to blame.
> I've had to manually twist the key back to the "run" position for a couple 
> of years in my CQ.  It becomes a habit.  The only bad thing about that is 
> when you climb into a different car and try the same thing.  You wind up 
> shutting it off as soon as you start it.
> ~Mark
> On Sat, 24 Jan 2009 10:36:04 -0500
>   Robert Rossato <rossato.qlist at gmail.com> wrote:
>   Ignition switch.  Very common.  Not sure which of the 4 vehicles it's
>   occurring on, but probably common to all.  You'll probably find that the
>   climate control fan also does not function when this occurs.
>   Essentially anything that goes through the X-cutout relay.  Ignition
>   switch housing is cracked and internals are hanging up and not fully
>   returning to "Run" when you let go of the switch after starting.  Make
>   sure you move the switch back after starting as sometimes the starter
>   remains engaged.  Switch is around $30 at the dealer.
>   bob
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>> As subject states. They work without headlights, not with. 
>> Hazards work whenever. Switch is my guess.  Any other 
>> suggestions? Can it be cleaned? 
>> I'll search the AW FAQ when I get home.  I'm doing this from 
>> the road.   
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