[s-cars] 95 S6 door not opening from inside

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I don't think it's a cable issue either.  I have a similar problem where the door doesn't unlock or open when it's cold outside, not always, but frequently.   I haven't dived into the door to troubleshoot (primarily due to no heated garage and the sub-zero temps we've been experiencing here in New England...), but the door works fine on most days.  If it doesn't open, neither the outside or inside handles make any difference - the door stays shut/locked.   My guess it may have something to do with the actuator on the power door locks, but then again I don't know how the cold could affect it.  It's the rear passanger door in my case.  The locking/unlocking of the power locks make no difference. 

I welcome any ideas! 


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 The cable can't be the issue, otherwise he wouldn't be able to open the door from the inside handle. 




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Pop the cover off the door handle with a thin bladed screw driver. 
Remove the two philips screws holding the handle to the door card. 
Slide the black trim plate out when your remove the handle. 
I think another philips screw secures the inner door latch to the door. 
slide the door latch forward and out. 

If you don't see the end of the cable, use a coat hanger or something 
similar to fish for it. 
There should be a square shaped metal clip that holds the cable 
jacket to the latch. 
If it wasn't installed properly ( supposed to capture the cap on the 
cable jacket in a small slot on the latch) , the cable can come loose. 
Fish out the cable, re attach the the cable hook to the back of the 
latch, install the square clip properly - 
then installation is reverse of removal. 

If the clip is missing, you may have to remove the entire door card ( 
and hope that it's still inside the door) to access it. 
(the clip is something that I put on my list of things to get when at 
a pick n pull or junkyyard) 


At 11:36 PM 1/26/2009 -0700, JASON A SEDMAK wrote: 
>Was checking out your thread cuz today mine did almost the same thing 
>- yeah it was really cold out: 
>   Outside handle goes up then sticks up, I push it down and realize it 
>no longer opens door, I open rear door and reach up front and open 
>front door from the inside, door opens and closes as it should.  But 
>now my outside handle does't work. 
>Think you could help me decipher based on what you just went through? 
>Did you figure out your central locking problems? Did you have to 
>fully remove the window frame carrier? 
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